March 1, 2009

People come to stay with us for many different reasons.  Some guests come especially because this particular area of Derbyshire abounds with many renowned ancient historial sites.

I organise a charity walking group from Highfield (leaving here at 11.00 am on the last Thursday of each month, everyone welcome, phone for confirmation)  and last week we walked to the Five Wells burial chamber not far away.

This site is said to be perhaps the highest of its kind in England and dates from the Neolithic period somewhere between 4 and 6,000 years ago.  When it was excavated in the 1800’s it was found to contain both male and female bones.  Much more information and photographs available  try

With history still in mind this weekend I took a short drive through Bakewell, and parked just beyond at Stanton in the  Peak beside an entrance to Stanton Moor.  It was pleasant to ramble through the heather, birch and ash trees with fantastic views of both that Derwent and Wye valleys.

The object of this walk was to view the circle of stones commonly known as the Nine Sisters, the best known monument of this Bronze Age habitation.  You can find out lots more about this interesting place with wonderful photographs on – Stanton Moor.

I am ashamed to say that I have never visited a very local site known as Arbour Low. Perhaps I will go there this week if I can spare the time from gardening, as the weather has turned quite mild and all kinds of flowers are beginning to bloom.


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