March 8, 2009



Marigold is mentioned in a previous blog so here is an explanation of who she is.

About eighteen months ago after struggling to buy locally really good fresh eggs for our breakfasts, and those of our guests, we decided to keep our own hens.

We selected different varieties and colours of hens – some white, black and brown.  We have a few white hens but one in particular has always stood out from the rest.  She has a floppy red comb which falls over one eye.  Straight away it remined us of a washing-up glove and she was immediately christened MARIGOLD.

There is another reason for her distinction – in all the months she has been here, winter and summer, there must be only a few days when she has not laid a delicious white egg.  All the other hens including the other white hens lay brown eggs and hence why we know she lays so very often.

Our grandson always asks for a Marigold egg for his breakfast when he comes to stay.  Locals and friends who have visited ask after her and she has even had her portrait painted.

Just recently we have bought six new hens who have just started to lay.  It will be interesting to see if one of these develops a distinctive character and reputation.

We sell our surplus eggs so perhaps you will be able to take some home after a stay with us.


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