April 23, 2009

Chee dale sign post 

Chee dale sign post

Yesterday we went for a walk.  It could not have been a more pleasant day to walk, as warm as any day in summer.  We went through Blackwell and down to the Monsall Trail making our way along the river to Chee Dale where there are a series of stepping stone along the edge of the river beneath a steep cliff.

Along the way we were directed by attractive new signs , like the one in the picture, which have just been erected by the Peak Park throughout the locality. It makes it much easier to find your intended way instead of having to guess  which way to go.

We saw lots of flowers including celandine, wood anenome, wood sorrel, .forget-me-not, euphorbia, butterburr and bluebells.  In another couple of weeks there will be lots of cowslips, violets, ordsc_0035chids  and plenty more  – a whole array of astonishing colours.  Our favourites walks then are through Deep Dale and Tansley Dale.

I don’t know how we think we can emulate or improve on Mother Nature but of course we always try in our gardens and ours is looking very floriferous just now – multi coloured tulips giving a great show.  You really shouldn’t miss it.  The mild sunny weather has allowed us to comfortably site out afternoon tea and pre -dinner drinks but it goes cold a little later.


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