Taddington and Priestcliffe have just celebrated their annual Well Dressing.  If you are not already aware of the Derbyshire tradition of making elaborate pictures from individual flower petals pressed into clay covered boards as a way of giving thanks for the gift of water, go to www.welldressing .com or similar and find out more.

Many people in the village make a supreme effort to create the two floral pictures which stand  – one in the churchyard and one at the real well high up on the hill.  There is a  flower festival inside church and this year the whole theme has been The Tree of Life.  I get involved with the flower arranging and this year it was encouaging to see lots of new young people who will no doubt be carrying the tradition forward into the future.

The first Saturday is the main day of activity at the Fete although there events throughout the whole week.  The churchyard is full of tents and marquees, brass band and children’s entertainment.  A great atmosphere  with lots of people as this year we were lucky enough to have good weather.

Tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes are available every day for the whole week and it is truly amazing  from where the donated cakes come .  I was helping in the kitchen for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday making sandwiches and washing up.  It is great fun.  At one point we thought we might run out of cakes, the demand being so great;  an alarm went out on the grape vine throughout the village and soon more boxes and trays of delicious goodies arrived.  More would come each day, particularly scones and cream, always fresh and often still warm from the oven.

Now the high point of this blog is to annouce John’s success in the baking and produce tent:

1st prize for carrots       1st prize for cucumber     3rd prize for beetroot      !!!

It is a friendly competition with lots of banter, particularly for the Men Only baking item which this year was for jam tarts.  Because we were particulaly busy the preceeding week and away the day before, John had not entered , although as you can imagine he had plenty to say about the entries and stating   – he would have won if he had entered!  What will it be next year?