February 15, 2010

Living close by the Limestone Way and advertising how suitable our bed and breakfast is for long distance walkers, I decided that we should walk a larger part of it than we had previosuly done.   It was a beautiful sunny morning yesterday and so such a walk was tempting.

We researched  the local buses and were amazed just how comprehensive the services were.  We walked for about fifteen minutes to a convenient bus stop and along came the No. 68 bang  on time .  This took us to Castleton where we started our hike home.  At this time of year it was rather muddy in places but most enjoyable.  It took a few hours and our picnic and hot drink were very necessary.  Another time we will go south  and discover a different section of this famous  trail.

What I particular want to point out today is the bus service.  It really is not necessary to organise circular routes from here, there are so many places easily accessible by bus.   For further information there are plenty of web sites to view for example:  www.travelineeastmidlands.org.ukwww.derbyshire.gov.uk/buses , www.visitpeakdistrict.com/peakconnections.


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