August 27, 2010

 I cannot believe how long it is since I last wrote a blog but here we are at last.  The sumer is flying by and we seem to have been very busy bees.   The garden has been full of colour and still is – we have had lots of positive comments and this is good for although we garden for our own satisfaction it is delightful to share it with others.

Our hens have been re-located from the bottom of next door neighbours garden into our own and now they are much nearer and receiving lots of attention – occasionally one gets out of their run and enjoys a while wandering around the lawn – she will get put back once she strays onto the borders.

We have had a few days away staying in bed and breakfast places in Scotland.  It is great to compare ourselves with others  and be satisfied with what we do although we would never stop trying to improve.  We are now prepared to offer an evening meal should this be requested in advance. Several guests have taken up this offer and have been  happy with my cooking – same standard as our praise worthy breakfast!

Last year I wrote about our efforts at the village show.  Well this year we tried even harder and earned eight prizes between us including eggs, bread, carrots and some baking and preserves .  Breakfast  here has prize winning ingredients.   I even helped this year with the creation of the actual Well Dressing and I will write about that at a later date.  The church flower arrangements have improved greatly over the last few years and the result this year was remarkable.  I did my little bit as usual.

I have had a few requests to look after the grandchildren and this is a most rewarding occuptation – I wish they lived a little closer and I could see more of them.  We have proved John is quite capable of manning the kitchen in my absence – he got great praise.

Our charity walking group continues to flourish and only this week we have sent off another donation to a children’s hospice.

So there we have just a few of the things that have kept us busy and as the evening sun is shinning I am going to go and sit out in the garden with a glass of wine – care to join me?

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