Getting up to date

December 14, 2012

What is worse than NO BLOG? An OUT OF DATE BLOG! So here we are trying to put matters right. I have no explanation for why I stopped writing, just lack of time or inspiration initially and then got out of the habit.

The main change to report is that we no longer have our own hens. Unfortunately Mr Fox got in one night and that was fatal. We had not the heart to replace them so we have converted the hen shed into a Potting Shed and it is proving very useful. Propogation is an challenging part of our gardening and we had spectacular results again this year – please come and see for yourself and we can exchange comments and tips. It is always good to chat with fellow gardeners. Anyway, I am pleased to say I have found an alternative location for free range hens and their eggs are very tasty. Feel free to request shop bought stamped eggs if you prefer. Scamled eggs and smoked salmon is a popular breakfast request.

We still make our own bread of course and it will soon be January and marmarlade making time yet again. The seasons come around so fast these days perhaps you feel that too.

May we wish all our visitors, past and future, a Very Happy Christmas.